8 Instagram Checklist Ideas to Grow Your Account Faster

Instagram is for everyone, and while it is the easiest tool to use, it is hard to get the formula right. Sometimes the effort-to-reward ratio can feel so average that you might want to rethink your content strategy.

The best method for Instagram growth is organic growth.

The matter is, how?

While there isn’t yet a conclusive answer, there are a few factors that might support your growth. Instagram is changing, so it’s helpful to have a checklist on hand to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep up.

Here are 8 tasks you can complete to expand your Instagram accounts:

#1. Check your feed out

Anyone who visits your page or falls onto it for the first time sees it through your feed. As the aesthetics of your feed have a significant impact on whether someone decides to follow you or not, you can also decide to develop a theme for them.

To ensure consistency in posting, it is best to plan this well in advance, create a content calendar, and schedule posts in advance.

#1.2 Explore the Reels

Reels are Instagram’s newest and most fascinating feature, and I believe we’ve all seen examples of how individuals, small businesses, and creators are using them to expand their followings. 

Reels have the advantage that you don’t have to scroll very far. In actuality, your Explore feed has all of the ones that have become popular or are trending. 

You can rapidly knock out a version of Reels that fits your specialty while using the same music and filter.

1.3 Respond to every comment left on your posts

The quantity of comments on your post serves as a more reliable measure of engagement for Instagram’s complex algorithm. As a result, treat each comment on your Instagram photos as a genuine conversation.

It is crucial to review your comments and reply to each one (okay, maybe not each, but maybe most of them). This proves that you appreciate the comments and following you receive.

The fact that you care about the community you’ve built and are attentive to everyone invested in your posts provides a visitor another reason to follow your account.

#1.4 Respond to your DMs.

The subsequent step is to respond to your Instagram direct messages. These could be anything, such as a thank you from a follower, a question, a complaint, helpful feedback, or a request.

Make sure you do this every day to be able to respond to DMs almost instantly. 

There are apps that let you access all of your social @mentions and DMs in one place so that you can respond.

#1.5 Use appropriate hashtags to engage.

We undervalue and underutilize hashtags. More exposure results from the use of relevant hashtags. Simply tapping on a hashtag related to your niche and liking or commenting on posts with that hashtag can engage with these hashtags.

This makes it possible for accounts in your specialty to visit your Instagram account, and it may also pique the curiosity of your followers if you choose a hashtag that they have already used.

#1.6 Engage with 5 of your followers’ stories.

Connect with five of your followers’ stories by interacting with them.

Interacting with your followers is considerably simpler on Instagram because the stories feature contains unedited content.

Giving to your community comes with much greater rewards than receiving it.

It also demonstrates the effort you put forth to get to know them and interact with their posts.

#1.7 Seek out new connections.

Once you’ve completed the six tasks above, move on to finding two additional individuals who could contribute to your specialization. You can connect with someone by introducing yourself or your business to them if they aid in your education or seem interested in what you do. 

A different strategy for meeting new people to connect with is to browse your favorite Instagrammers’ followers. This can be a result of the individual connecting with accounts that share their interests the most.

Like and comment on 15 posts relevant to your niche.

When you like and offer valuable comments on a piece related to your area, it is most likely to return the favor. This is so that all of the followers and those who like or comment on that particular post will see your comment.

If your comment stands out, gives value to the reader, or is pinned in the comments section, you will be seen. You will have more than enough exposure to support organic account growth.

That’s it, everyone!

Keep in mind that engagement is the key!

Give it a try, and let me know if this task list has been useful for you.

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